This one’s for the ladies who love “waking up like this”, complete with immaculate lash extensions and picture-perfect brow embroidery. In this era of unabashed self-expression, there’s plenty more when it comes to semi-permanent beauty enhancements and we’re talking about accessories like tooth gems and “forever bracelets”.

Perfect for those who want a touch of glamour to their daily ensemble with minimal effort, these beauty add-ons promise to take things up a notch this festive season. Plus, they’re low maintenance and commitment-free as you can have them removed easily whenever necessary.

Photo: Third Eye Tooth Gems

Tooth gems

Chances are, you’ll be baring your teeth a lot this holiday season, with family portraits and selfies aplenty. Why not add a sparkle to your smile with tooth gems? A more subtle rendition of the full-mouth bling often seen on rappers and celebrities, tooth gems come in the form of dainty gold or silver studs, as well as multi-coloured Swarovski crystals. Painless and non-invasive, each gem is attached to a tooth with proper dental adhesive—the same sort used in braces. You can get it done at Third Eye Tooth Gems, based in tattoo parlour Bada Bink Tattoo.

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Photo: Curious Creatures

“Forever” bracelets

Viral on social media platforms like TikTok, “permanently-welded” gold bracelets from New York fine jewelry brand Catbird are all the rage. Thankfully, homegrown jeweller Curious Creatures now offers their own version for people who fancy the idea of wearing jewelry as second skin. These “forever” bracelets are custom-fitted to one’s wrist and welded shut with no clasp, thereby making them permanent, until you decide to snip it off with a pair of scissors of course. Available in solid 14k yellow, white, and rose gold, these bracelets currently come in six stylish styles.

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Photo: Glit AF

Hair tinsels

Hair extensions and dyed highlights may be cute, but glittery hair tinsels are bound to make the people around you take a second glance. A throwback to the colourful Y2K era, these hair tinsels add shiny accents in a big way. Go for a few face-framing strands or weave multiple into your mane to stand out at your festive parties. At Glit AF, a hair tinsel brand by local fashion influencer Cleo Kim, you’ll be able to get hair tinsels done on an appointment-only basis. Thin and lightweight tinsels are weaved close to the root for a natural look. Plus, they’re heat-resistant enough for you to curl or straighten your hair with them on.

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Photo: Nodspark

Nail wraps

Nifty nail wraps make a good alternative to manicures and pedicures, which can be time-consuming during the busy festivities. Homegrown company Nodspark is known for its extensive collection of nail wraps, available in solid colours, elaborate nail art, and classic French manicure styles. To use, simply place the nail wrap on an appropriately-sized nail and smooth it out with a wooden cuticle pusher. After which, apply a regular top coat or go for a UV-activated gel top coat to keep it long-lasting. Disney lovers will also be delighted by their collection featuring Mickey and Minnie, as well as characters from Frozen.

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