If stylish activewear gets you motivated for your gym ‘sess, then the same can probably be said about a beautiful piece of fitness equipment. Meet Cycling Bears, a homegrown company whose adorable name barely skims the surface of what it does—curating the ultimate luxury workout space for well-heeled fitness aficionados.

Forget about off-the-shelf dumbbells in boring black or indoor cycling bikes in nondescript grey, this fitness brand allows one to fully customise a piece of fitness equipment. Be spoilt for choice by gym products that can be personalised in a wide range of materials and colours, and even engraved with your initials. Counting both homes and hotels as part of their customer base, Cycling Bears was started by co-founders and fitness enthusiasts Debra Tay and Tudi Guillamot. Their aim is to offer handcrafted fitness equipment that aren’t just functional and sustainable, but will also enhance the overall feel of one’s humble abode.


After all, there’s simply no fun in having to quickly hide your mismatched gym equipment every time the guests come by. These investment-worthy pieces are made of exquisite wood such as American Walnut and Ash, which are naturally imbued with antibacterial properties that prevent germs from building up over time and use. Plus, the woody scent imparts an air of calmness even during your toughest workout. Contrary to popular belief, plastics and synthetic rubber don’t make for great gym equipment as they quickly degrade in hot and humid weather like Singapore’s.


“Being avid fitness enthusiasts, we bought some fitness equipment for home, but realised we were scrambling to stow away the bulky and unsightly equipment whenever anyone visited. This inspired us to think, how can we offer gym equipment that was functional yet beautifully designed to blend in seamlessly with its surrounding aesthetics?” shares Debra.

The collection’s pièce de résistance is the Ciclotte Teckell, a glass exercise bike made of crystal for a translucent look and feel. Featuring a transmission with a turn multiplier system, the bike is not only capable of replicating the sensation road cycling, but also able to integrate with mobile devices to track one’s speed and cadence.


Other investment-worthy pieces include the ANA, a wooden stand well-stocked with luxury fitness essentials like skipping rope, push-up bars, dumbbells, and more; the Sprintbok, a curved manual treadmill that’s great for endurance training, sprints, and interval runs; as well as SCALA, a fitness wall bar made of the finest wood and solid stainless steel for good grip.

Prices start from $280 for a PASA yoga strap and $320 for SIENNA skipping ropes.

More information here.

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