With such a short timeframe between last year’s festivities and this year’s Lunar New Year celebration, there’s no doubt we’re all in a bit of frenzy.

To make things a breeze for you, we’ve curated 10 addictive snacks ranging from classic pineapple tarts and egg rolls to new-fangled creations like orh nee tarts and cheese kuih bangkit.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you—these popular creations tend to sell out fast!

Wang Lai Bakery

1. Wang Lai Bakery Melt in Your Mouth Pineapple Tarts

One of the best homemade pineapple tarts we’ve tasted, these tasty round morsels feature tangy sweet pineapple paste encased in a thick layer of soft crust. Great for those who fancy their festive treats less sweet, these bite-sized tarts will have you indulging all night.

More information here.

2. Kele Cheese Kuih Bangkit

Typically made from sago starch, kuih bangkit are a festive staple thanks to their melt-in-your-mouth texture. This year, take things up a notch with Kele’s version, which comes filled with cheese for a sweet and salty combination.

More information here.

Baker’s Brew

3. Baker’s Brew Ondeh Ondeh Cookies

Inspired by traditional ondeh ondeh kueh, these best-selling cookies by Baker’s Brew are soft yet flavourful. Each cookie ball is made with pandan-infused dough and filled with gula melaka coconut filling,

More information here.

4. Hong Kong MX Original Egg Rolls 

An elevated version of the regular love letters, these egg rolls are one of Hong Kong MX’s most well-loved creations. Although the classic snack is made with just five ingredients—French butter, fresh eggs, quality flour, sugar, and water, it packs a punch with its rich aroma and flavour.

More information here.

Angie’s Tempeh

5. Angie’s Tempeh Bak Kwa

Those trying to reduce their meat intake will be pleased to know they won’t have to give up their favourite bak kwa. From Angie’s Tempeh comes a vegetarian version of the jerky snack with zero animal products. Marinated with spices and caramelised to perfection, these tempeh bak kwa in both original and truffle flavours are as moreish as the real deal.

More information here.


6. SoulShiok Nutella Fingers

Fans of all things crunchy and sweet will enjoy these addictive Nutella fingers from SoulShiok, which are made with biscuit waffles that are coated with Nutella spread and sprinkled with roasted nuts and oats for extra texture. Dip them in cold milk for a treat.

More information here.

Janice Wong

7. Janice Wong Rabbit Chocolate Sculpture 

Possibly the most photo-worthy in this list, these chocolate sculptures by homegrown and award-winning dessert chef Janice Wong make great festive gifts. Shapes like adorable rabbits, each chocolate sculpture can be knocked apart to reveal chocolate-coated nuts.

More information here.

8. Whisking Bakes Orh Nee Tarts

If you’re a fan of the Teochew sweet yam (orh nee) dessert, these tarts will be right up your alley. They’re made with buttery pastry and creamy yam filling made from 100 percent natural ingredients with no preservatives.

More information here.

Century Bak Kwa

9. Century Bak Kwa Truffle Bak Kwa

With fashion personality Jamie Chua as their ambassador, Century Bak Kwa no doubts caters to the well-heeled crowd with their charcoal-grilled bak kwa presented in a stylish red box that can be reused for other purposes. A must-try is the limited edition Spanish pork bak kwa marinated in truffle, a sweet and savoury creation that’s rather addictive.

More information here.

Fat Kid Bakery

10. Fat Kid Bakery Peanut Butter Melts

Like muah chee but in cookie form, these peanut butter cookies offer the perfect balance of salty and sweet with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Best enjoyed with a side of coffee, these cookies are rich and delicious.

More information here.

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