Of the few happy things that have emerged from 2020, the oversized hair scrunchie trend takes the cake. As effortless as a linen summer dress and almost as attention-seeking as a colourful eyeliner, the revival of hair scrunchies is a timely resurgence that’s perfect for the upcoming festivities.

Hair accessories, from clips to scrunchies, have always had a vintage appeal to them. Highly popular back in the 1980s and 1990s, they were an easy way to get one’s hair out of the way while offering a less damaging alternative to hair ties. Available in vibrant colours and patterns, they also aligned with the colourful and unabashedly over-the-top aesthetic of the era.

Credits: Versace

In the recent decade, these fuss-free accessories have been refreshed with a contemporary twist, thanks to high-end labels like Versace, Ganni, and Marc Jacobs. From Versace’s black and gold baroque printed beauties to Marc by Marc Jacobs’ grosgrain ribbon trimmed ones. Materials like velvet and cotton have been replaced with luxurious silk, leather, and organza for scrunchies that serve as statement pieces rather than practical hair accessories.

Starting last year, scrunchies have become larger than life, with brands like Room Shop Vintage, Kitsch, and Scunci unveiling jumbo versions. Equally alluring lopped over a hair bun as it is hanging mid-ponytail, these oversized scrunchies scream fun and kitsch, while maintaining a strangely elegant allure. It’s part school girly, part high-fashion—especially when tied over a low bun near the nape.

Here are some ways we love to wear it:

Low bun

Show off your nape and décolletage with a messy, low bun that’s barely held together with the soft folds of a scrunchie.

Credits: Kitsch


Have your hair styled into a sleek ponytail then lop a giant scrunchie over in a contrasting hue to your mane, for a statement-making look.

Credits: Room Shop Vintage

Big bow

Pick a scrunchie with a massive bow for a grown-up take on a girly look, then let the ends hang way longer than your hair for that devil-may-care vibe.

Credits: Room Shop Vintage

Hands off

Use the scrunchies as arm candy by casually leaving them on your wrists. Easy breezy.

Credits: Sophie Buhai

Stack em up

Go extra bold by stacking a couple of vibrantly-coloured scrunchies over a ponytail. Tease the ends for volume so that they don’t fall off too easily.

Credits: Room Shop Vintage

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