Working from home is all fun and games until you get sorely bored of your surroundings and the fact that you’ve been tied to your desk all day. Here’s where “desktop getaways” come in, a term coined for the growing number of dining and hotel destinations that have opened up their spaces for guests to spend their 9 to 5 at, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi and if you’re lucky, delicious food.

Credits: Summerlong

Summerlong, a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant located at The Quayside in Singapore, has recently launched a new four-course summer set lunch priced at S$29++, along with free WiFi and charging stations for guests to use. When we arrived just past noon, the laid-back spot felt inviting with its indoor and alfresco seatings that were reminiscent of Bali’s beachside dining. Plush sofas, rattan seats, and lush indoor plants set the scene for a leisurely afternoon getaway.

Accompanied by a refreshing glass of aperol spritz, I churned out a story on my laptop while waiting for my dining companion to arrive. For a start, we had the cauliflower hummus and tzatziki dips, both of which were excellent with warm flatbread, followed by mezzo offerings of Greek salad and seabass carpaccio. The latter, featuring barramundi fillet, was tangy and appetising thanks to the lemon, wasabi and herb marinate.

Credits: Summerlong

Given a choice of four soul-vlaki—a Greek snack comprising grilled meat or vegetables wrapped in pillowy-soft pita bread, we went for roasted lamb shoulder and crispy falafel. Fork-tender and flavourful, the roasted lamb hit the spot. Meanwhile, the falafel souvlaki fell short for its slightly dry texture.

By the time our baklava dessert arrived, we were satisfied but not full to the point of a food coma—a blessing for I soon had a Zoom meeting to be at.

More information here.

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