Even if you’re not traveling, this covetable luggage will have you strutting into your next staycation in impeccable style. A collaboration between luggage brand Rimowa and luxury apparel label Moncler, the “Reflection” concept is inspired by the social media messages that dominate our digital spaces on the daily, along with the current state of personal communications.

Paying homage to the rise in tech-enabled travel gadgets, the suitcase features polished aluminium that’s shiny like a mirror and is acccented by matte black handles, frame, locks, and riveted corners. The exterior showcases a removable LED screen displaying ticker-style messages in block red lettering that’s a bold reference to the flight displays shown at the airports.

Credits: Rimowa

Travelers can easily personalise their luggage by using the “Reflection” app to update and customise the text displayed on the suitcase’s programmable LED screen. Want to let the world know how thrilled you are about your next destination? Here’s an easy way to do it.

Two versions of the Moncler x Rimowa luggage, in the same size and shape, will be launched. The first, which is based on the luggage brand’s original cabin model, comes with the striking mirrowed aluminium exterior, while the latter, comes with the programmable LED screen. These suitcases will be available in limited quantities aorund the world.

More information here.

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