Come September 10, the world’s first Apple store to “float” on the water will open its doors with a brand-new shopping experience—a much-needed revival for Singapore’s retail scene. Aside from panoramic views of the city skyline, the sphere-shaped store will also feature a video wall that serves as the stage for Today at Apple sessions and an underwater boardroom.

An iridescent sphere from the outside, Apple Marina Bay Sands is an all-glass dome structure that is self-supported. 114 pieces of glass are structurally connected by only 10 narrow vertical mullions to create the illusion of the store floating on water. Take a closer look and you’ll find that the design pays homage to Rome’s Pantheon monument via an oculus located at the dome’s apex where a flooding ray of sunlight enters.

The photo-worthy glass interior is also lined with custom baffles, each one shaped to counter sun angles and create a lighting effect when night falls. Worried it’d get too hot while growing the store? Trees also line the inside of the dome, providing additional shade and soft, artistic shadows through the foliage.

Designed to give visitors a sense of grandeur, the voluminous dome features products and accessories displayed in the brand’s usual clean and minimalist manner. At the heart of it all is a video wall, which serves as a platform for Today at Apple sessions featuring local artists, musicians, and creators. Meanwhile, if you’re a lucky entrepreneur or developer keen on undergoing training with Apple, you might be able to access the tech brand’s first underwater boardroom, located on the lower level of the store.

Visitors can also expect to consult with an international team at the store, who collectively speak over 23 languages.

Book your time slot to visit here.


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