How will post-pandemic air travel look like? Just ask the major airlines in the region and beyond, some of whom have rolled out new and creative safety videos to both educate and assure passengers about commercial air travel.

You’ll find the usual measures like mandatory face masks, social distancing, physical barriers, and contactless check-ins. But some airlines have also gone the extra mile to offer cleanliness kits with hand sanitising wipes and masks, while others have committed to leaving the middle seats empty until 2021.

For instance, Singapore Airlines requires all passengers to submit a health declaration and travel history before boarding their flights. Meal services have also been suspended and replaced with snack bags for routes within Southeast Asia and from Singapore to Mainland China.

Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific is undergoing a trial of antimicrobial coating on all of its shared passenger facilities to ensure that high touch points remain sanitary. Middle seats are also blocked off whenever possible, so that social distancing can be maintained.

When checking in for Emirates flights, passengers can request for a complimentary hygiene kit, which includes gloves, masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes, as well as hand sanitiser. Crew members are also dressed in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for safety.

Malaysia Airlines

British Airways

Cathay Pacific


Qatar Airways

Singapore Airlines

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