Come November 3, Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto will be opening in the cultural-rich Japanese city in partnership with The Luxury Collection brand by Marriott International. As if we needed more reason to plan our post-pandemic travels, the stunning 161-room hotel is designed to embrace Japan’s beauty through seasonal experiences, cuisine, and handicrafts.

The Onsen Suite.

The highlights are the 22 Onsen Suites, each featuring outdoor natural hot springs, nestled amid private gardens sculpted with lanterns, stonework, and lush foliage. The rooms, courtesy of renowned interior designer André Fu, offer a sense of modernity, comfort, and relaxed luxury through the use of natural materials crafted by local artisans. Think: Spacious bathtubs hewn from stone.

The Nijo Suite.

The tranquility and storied past of Kyoto as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with its imperial palaces and intricate temples, are well reflected in each of the guest rooms.


Similarly, the dining experiences here are inspired by the former Japanese capital’s heritage and traditions. Toki, a teppanyaki restaurant, fuses the culinary techniques of both Japanese and French cuisines, to create a unique multi-course meal where dishes are prepared one by one in front of diners on a brushed steel counter. Meanwhile, all-day dining Italian restaurant Forni serves dishes made with select ingredients sourced both in Kyoto and other parts of Japan, against the beautiful backdrop of a courtyard garden. There’s also a Garden Bar perfect for unwinding and taking in the sunset as you sip on your cocktails.

The garden.

Bliss awaits at the hotel’s spa, which is home to both a private spa and a thermal spring. The latter sources its water from an onsite hot spring, allowing guests to enjoy an authentic onsen bathing experience.

The entrance.

More information here.

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