During last year’s circuit breaker in Singapore, I was coaxed into ordering a box of Italian doughnuts or bombolonis by my fellow journos, who raved about its fillings. I agreed in a bid to support home bakers during these challenging times and was delighted by each mouthful. That’s why it felt like everything came full circle when the same online confectionery announced that they were opening their first brick-and-mortar outlet at Ang Mo Kio, a heartland I had grown up in.

Eclairs come filled with a choice of chocolate, calamansi meringue or vanilla cream.

The brainchild of 24-year Ariel Tang, whose self-taught baking journey started with her baking brownies for her loved ones, The Fat Kid Bakery now offers an extensive repertoire of baked goods. Aside from the best-selling bomboloni—affectionately called bombos, there’s sourdough breads, croissants, brownies, and eclairs. We loved the sourdough bombos, the bakery’s take on the Italian filled doughnut, which comes in flavours ranging from simple vanilla and chocolate to full-flavoured ones like roasted oolong, blueberry cheesecake, and sea salt maple.

Sourdough bombolonis.

Made using a sourdough starter that’s been cultivated over two years, the bombos undergo a 72-hour-long fermentation process for optimal flavour. What you get are doughnuts with a tall crumb and pillowy soft texture, luxuriously filled with flavours of your choosing. The sea salt maple is a favourite of mine, with its balanced blend of sweet and salty flavours. A close second is the calamansi, which is tangy and refreshing at once. These bombos come in boxes of four to 12, priced from $3.50 each.

Triple chocolate brownies.

Meanwhile, the bakery’s triple chocolate brownies come in bite-sized cubes within a clear bottle, making them dangerously addictive. There’s a richness to each morsel that steers just shy of being cloying, a fudgy mouthfeel, as well as a flaky top for a contrast in texture. For lighter palates, go for the homemade breads, including sourdough loaf, milk loaf, and French butter croissant.

The public can visit the physical store to collect their pre-orders, or takeaway a limited range of freshly baked treats. All pre-orders have to be made minimum three days in advance.

More information here.

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