Most of us haven’t boarded a plane in more than a year. But when the time comes, we’re dreaming of a destination that will likely take our breath away, like the newly opened Sky Lagoon in Reykjavík. When in Iceland, soaking in the Nordic island nation’s world-famous thermal baths is par for the course, especially when the mineral-rich waters promise a host of nourishing benefits for the skin. At the new attraction, this experience is taken to the next level—one where the edge of lagoon melds into the majestic horizon of the Atlantic Ocean while the Northern Lights dances in the skies above.

Photo: Sky Lagoon

Opened in end April, the nature-inspired thermal spa is at its core a celebration of bathing culture and the Icelandic way of life. Visitors can relax in a man-made geothermal lagoon with unparalleled views of the Atlantic, sweat it out in sauna and steam rooms, as well as enjoy wines and Icelandic beers at a swim-up bar. Designed in the style of an ancient Icelandic turf house, the space is reminiscent of the well-insulated accommodations that have kept settlers warm through the harsh weather in North Atlantic.

Photo: Sky Lagoon

Putting a contemporary twist on local bathing traditions, the thermal spa offers an elaborate seven-step ritual for visitors to relax their mind and body. After being welcomed through the lagoon’s cave-like entrance, guests are encouraged to take their time to settle into the warm water as they take in the invigorating environment. Next is cold therapy, a traditional cold plunge for locals said to stimulate the immune system, tighten skin, and offer a natural high. Guests can choose to either enjoy the fresh Icelandic air or take a dip into the cold pool if they’re feeling as brave as a Viking.

Photo: Sky Lagoon

Next, they’ll visit the sauna for five to 10 minutes, allowing the heat to gradually open their pores, remove toxins, and cleanse their skin. Backdropped by unobstructed ocean views, the sauna experience is complemented by gentle acoustics that echo ocean waves. Then, balance out the sauna’s heat by stepping into the cold fog-mist space, which rejuvenates the skin and prepares it for the body scrub that comes next. The highlight of the ritual, this unique sea salt scrub helps to exfoliate skin for a natural glow.

The last two steps include a visit to the steam room, followed by a shower to slough off the scrub. For the grand finale, step back into the warm geothermal lagoon to soak up all the benefits of the journey, with the body rejuvenated and energised at once. Those feeling peckish can head to the Sky Café for light bites and local fare or Smakk Bar for delicious tasting platters featuring fresh produce and seasonal ingredients.

More information here.

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