Each week, we shortlist the best spots in a city to satisfy your food and drink cravings.

In the Lion City, friendly neighbourhood kitchen and bars take center stage, along with family-style barbecues and a comprehensive wine list to boot. Meanwhile, the nightlife scene at Bukit Pasoh gets a boost with a new 50-seater restaurant and bar, while a New York City-based patisserie launches a decadent, whisky-infused chocolate cake.

Credits: BBC

For your next big night out: Beats Bites & Cocktails (BBC)

With a name that aptly describes the ultimate night out, the newly opened 50-seater restaurant and bar is the latest addition to Bukit Pasoh’s buzzy nightlife. Led by the pair behind cocktail bar Bottle Boot & Cigar in Beijing, BBC serves flavourful bar bites prepared with binchō-tan wood from the Bertha oven, such as wagyu beef cubes, Cloudy Bay “tua tua clam bake” (pictured above), and nambanzuke—creamy eggplant fermented and topped with a carrot and daikon slaw. Offering a modern take on spirit-forward classic cocktails, the drinks programme features ocean-fused whiskey aged in Japanese pine barrels, as well as Caribbean rum from Grenada finished in Portuguese Madeira casks. You’ll find High-balls, Martinis, Sours, and more, alongside wine, sake, cider, and tea. To set the mood, music director DJ Shigeki Ito will be helming the decks with an ever-evolving music playlist.

More information here.

Credits: Lady M

When whiskey meets cake: Lady M

Booze-infused desserts might be all the rage, but this new treat by Lady M takes the cake. A collaboration between the New York City-based patisserie and Speyside distillery Macallan, the Whisky Dark Chocolate Mousse is a decadent chocolate cake featuring a film of whiskey jelly between layers of dark chocolate and milk chocolate whisky mousse, set atop a chocolate sponge base and crunchy dark chocolate feuilletine. Like the alcoholic beverage itself, the cake offers a flavour profile of honey, citrus, and ginger, along with a lingering hint of butterscotch and vanilla. Available from January 7 through February.

More information here.

Credits: JOMO

Your friendly neighbourhood kitchen and bar: JOMO

Chances are, we all have a favourite neighbourhood diner for hanging out sans the stress of dressing to the nines. Located in Holland Village, JOMO is the newest kid on the block and the first of five kitchen and bars which The JOMO Group plans to open in Singapore’s residential neighbourhoods. Offering both dine-in and takeaway, the family-friendly menu includes crowd-favourites like aged Aussie angus burgers, deep-fried pork belly, and homemade pies from master butchers Sidecar Handcrafted. On Sundays, family-style barbecues are available, along with free-flow Aperol Spritz and beer on draft. Also a bottle shop, the three-storey JOMO offers a collection of more than 250 wines and spirits.

More information here.

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