If the thought of alcohol in your skincare brings back unpleasant memories of that stingy and pungent toner you once used in high school, you’re probably not alone. The controversial ingredient has a bad rep for good reasons—though commonly used as solvents or emulsifiers in beauty products, they can sometimes strip skin of moisture and cause enlarged pores over time. But should the right kind of alcohol used, the results can be wonderful for your mien.

Enter Drunk Elephant’s Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray, the latest product in the cult beauty brand’s arsenal of skincare powerhouses. Its purple-accented white vessel fits right into the brand’s minimalist aesthetic, while its ingredients include superfoods like fermented sake extract, kombucha, and coconut water. Like all of the Drunk Elephant’s products, the Sake Spray is dermatologist-approved and naturally-formulated—which means no fragrances, essential oils, and silicones.

At first spritz, it occured to me just how fine the mist was, making it a breeze for me to massage the product into my skin. After using it as both toner and an all-day mist, I found that it helped reduce redness and congestion on my skin, especially on my chin area, which had been prone to breakouts due to mask wearing. Its hero ingredient, fermented sake extract, promotes collagen production for plump and youthful-looking skin, while ceramides, vitamin F, and essential amino acids keep skin soft and moisturised.

Fast-absorbing and lightweight, the mist sat well under light makeup, allowing my foundation to adhere nicely without a primer even in this humid weather. On makeup-free days, I also liked that it salvaged skin dryness with a quick and fuss-free spritz.

The product will launch in Singapore on January 1, 2021 on and at selected Sephora stores.

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