Let’s face it—nobody likes it when a Christmas present winds up unused and collecting dust in the storeroom—we’re looking at you, gag toys, tumblers, and random mugs.

Instead, make someone’s day with a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving long after the festivities have passed, whether it’s igniting a new passion, inspiring them to have fun, or simply leaving them with a genuine smile on their face.

To help you with your last-minute shopping, we’ve curated a list of gifts that we’d absolutely love to receive ourselves.

Credits: Supermama

Supermama Singapore Blue collection

Bring home a slice of the Lion City life with these 20 porcelain plates by design-led store Supermama, which are sure to elevate your festive table setting. Featuring the diverse works of 20 local artists and brands including actress Jeanette Aw and tattoo artist Fleecircus, the collection pays homage to the city-state’s rich cultural heritage through recognisable motifs and references to familiar sights and sounds. Our favourite is the now sold-out “Five Star Rising” by chef Willin Low, which features Asian-inspired wave patterns, along with five stars and a moon inspired by the national flag.

More information here.

Credits: kāi

kāi 2021 Personal Planner

Help your loved ones kick start 2021 on a good note with a personal planner that reminds them to make time for work, play, and most importantly, rest. Available in pastel toned lilac and mint, this planner is hardcover-bound with bi-cast leather for a sturdy look and feel. Inside, you’ll find 196 full-colour printed pages with yearly, monthly, and weekly page layouts. Our favourite part? The two pages of colourful stickers that are great for decorating the daily mood trackers, to-do checklists, and weekly gratitude reminders.

More information here.

Credits: Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed Nurture Your Nature Plant Gift Set

Know somebody who’s been working from home and in need of a non-intrusive, friendly companion? This gift set is great for anyone hoping to dip their toes into the world of indoor plants. It comes with an easy-care potted plant such as a philodendron brasil or an aglaonema potted in a large sake cup planter, water mister, and a bottle of Down To Earth Organic Plant Food.

More information here.

Credits: The Moon

The Moon Blue Moon Monthly Subscription Box

With the ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever to support small businesses. Consider ordering your loved ones a Blue Moon monthly subscription box from indie bookstore The Moon, which comes in two tiers. Tier 1 includes a thought-provoking novel, an assortment of merchandise, as well as beautifully-designed paper goods. Tier 2 includes all of the items in tier 1, along with premium merchandise and an additional book.

More information here,

Credits: MiniYOGI

MiniYOGI Cards

Perfect for yogi moms and their little ones, this set of palm-sized activity cards features asanas posed by various animals in charming illustrations. At the back of each card are simple, step-by-step instructions that guide one into the poses, along with helpful tips on which muscles are being stretched and engaged. Created by a certified yoga teacher, these cards are useful not just for the kids, but also for beginner yogis hoping to inject some fun into their practice.

More information here.

Credits: Melati

Melati x Perrier Gift Set

For the friend who likes to party without partaking alcohol and for those planning to take on Dry January, this limited edition gift set comes with a 200ml Melati Classic bottle and a 200ml Perrier carbonated mineral water bottle. As Asia’s first non-alcoholic aperitif, Melati is made from 26 Asian botanicals and is said to spark digestion and improve wellbeing. Pour yourself a Melati Spritz with the included recipe and toast to a lovely year ahead.

More information here.

Credits: The Paper Bunny

The Paper Bunny Takeaway Set

Great for friends who’re on a mission to become more environmentally conscious by reducing plastic takeout packaging, this takeaway set makes a wonderful gift. Available in pretty shades of blush, charcoal, mint, cream, and slate, each set includes a Porter reusable bowl and a matching set of stainless steel utensils (spoon, knife, and fork) in a silicone carrying case.

More information here.

Credits: Epigram

“True Humility: Finding Peace and Balance in Today’s Modern Society” by Gavin Seah

More relevant now than ever, this new book by Singaporean Gavin Seah, who’s also founder and CEO of Soil of Humility, shares wise insights on becoming a happier and more balanced individual through the concept of what he calls “true humility”. A slow but illuminating read, the book delves into common failings such as having a comparative mindset and the fear of missing out (FOMO)—particularly apt in our competition-driven Asian society. What ensues is an ego check that will remind readers that a long-lasting peace of mind is more valuable than any self-seeking attitude. Bonus: His interjection of personal stories, from his challenging childhood to layman explanations, helps put the book in perspective.

More information here.

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