Scroll through your news feed on the daily and it’s likely a mix of COVID-19 updates, election updates, and articles documenting the mounting conflict in the world today. What if you could omit all of that and dive into the positive stuff? That’s exactly what the newly launched site Happy Ali, wants to do.

Founded by Hong Kong-based Arthur Koeman, the independent journalism platform is created to combat the psychological effects that negative news is believed to have on people. Without denying the fact that terrible things do happen each day, the site chooses to focus on uplifting news so as to help readers alleviate the anxiety and stress that may affect their outlook on life.

The stories you’ll find there are fun yet curious: What’s the happiest animal in the world right now? Which secret ingredient is key to happiness in the kitchen? What positive news does Dr Michael Mosley reveal? Can lobsters really be the answer to the world’s plastic problem? 

Koeman says: “Positive news works as medicine for a healthier mind and body, I was inspired to create Happy Ali for everyone who is distressed by the daily serving of disheartening news – we need the good news to outweigh the bad.”

Led by editorial teams around the world, the sire offers inspiring and life-affirming stories across themes like wellness, science, environment, lifestyle, food and travel.

The next time you’re tired of reading about the depressing stuff, you know exactly where to click.

More information here.

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