Short itineraries are gaining popularity as the region eases into a post-pandemic world, where domestic and regional travel are encouraged in place of international trips. As the first international cruise company to offer cruises after the COVID-19 outbreak, Dream Cruises saw more than 25,000 passengers embark on its highly popular island-hopping itineraries out of Keelung to Penghu, Matsu, Kinmen, and Hualien. As such, the company has launched new “Discover Taiwan” cruises on board Explorer Dream to satiate the growing demand.

Credits: Dream Cruises

These new itineraries range from one to five-night journeys from Keelung to Anping in Tainan, Penghu, Kaohsiung, and Hualien, as well as sightseeing cruises to see the “Milky Sea”—a natural phenomenon caused by the combination of seawater and gases rising from saltwater hot springs.

Travelers can treat themselves to a full five-day itinerary that starts in Keelung and takes them to the scenic destinations like Anping in Tainan, Penghu, Kaohsiung, and Hualien. The highlight is the spectacular Penghu Bay International Light Festival, which can be seen from an obstructed vantage point from sea.

Meanwhile, shorter sojourns can be booked, such as two-night getaways to Anping in Tainan, where guests will see the cruise terminal transformed into a traditional market purverying local delicacies and specialty souvenirs.

Guishan Island. Credits: Dream Cruises

Dream Cruises has also partnered with the Korea Tourism Organisation to host a series of Korean-themed festivities aboard Explorer Dream from September 30 to October 6. To kickstart the festivities, there’ll be a Chuseok Korean harvest festival experience complete with Korean delicacies, dance and music, as well as mid-autumn festival activities like lantern riddles and mooncake making.

Guests aboard the cruise ship’s iner-island cruise to Anping, Tainan departing on October 9 can also look forward to celebrating the Double Ten Day long weekend with fireworks display in the skies above Yuguang Island. Upcoming cruise events include Oktoberfest with its Bavarian treats, flamenco dancing to celebrate Spain’s National Day, as well as a Halloween party with spooky surprises.

To ensure guest safety, measures such as social distancing, sanitising of common areas, and the filtering of air will be maintained.

More information here.

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