With border closures and travel restrictions standing in the way of dream vacations, diehard travelers might just settle for something a little different. We’re talking about an epic, 70-day-long journey that will cross 18 countries—starting in the UK capital of London and ending in the Indian metropolis of Delhi, or the other way round.

The brainchild of Indian-based expedition company Adventures Overland, “Bus to London” takes its inspiration from the infamous hippie trails of the mid-twentieth century, which saw overland travels between Europe and South Asia become a rite of passage for Westerners.

Its inaugural 12,500-mile journey plans to kick off in May 2021, starting with a trip through major cities in India, before passing through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and China. The following leg includes a number of Chinese cities, before eventually reaching the Silk Road destinations of Central Asia en route to Moscow. Then, travelers will see eastern and Central Europe before reaching London by way of Brussels. A new journey then restarts thereon, with a brand new set of passengers.

Travelers can expect to pay up to 1.5 million rupees per person, or around US$20,237 for a one-way journey. These fees include bus transport, hotel stays, some meals, visa, admin fees, local guides, and snacks. Meanwhile, those who prefer a shorter trip can opt for one of four legs, with each lasting for two to three weeks.

If social distancing is a priority, travelers will be pleased to know that the bus seats just 20, with options for “business-class seats”. The bus also comes with Wi-Fi, private lockers, and entertainment systems.

According to the website, bookings will only be accepted when travel regulations both locally and internationally are clarified.

To register your interest, drop them a mail.

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