You might’ve heard of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the 2020 life-simulation gaming phenomena that reached the pinnacle of pop cultural fame when renowned brands like Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and Glossier started featuring their fashion and beauty styles on it.

Credits: Ikea Taiwan

Now, furniture giant Ikea has jumped onto the bandwagon, and with good reason, considering the Nintendo Switch title’s incredible range of customisable, in-game furniture. To promote the launch of Ikea Taiwan’s 2021 catalogue, the company has released a series of pages recreated in ACNH, on its official Facebook page.

Credits: Ikea Taiwan

What’s amazing is how similar the ACNH recreations look compared to the real deal—from the picture frames on the wall to patterned cushions and throws. Working around limitations, Ikea used in-game items like stalls to mimic the look of a wooden-framed, double-decker bed.

Credits: Ikea Taiwan

Meanwhile, the human models have been replicated by ACNH villagers who look pretty alike, right down to their skin colour and outfits.

Credits: Ikea Taiwan

As an ACNH addict, I’m waiting with bated breath for a possible Ikea X ACNH collaboration, perhaps in the form of new furniture in the next game update.

More information here.

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