If you’re reading this, you’re probably already well-versed in the benefits of having plants in your home—from improved quality air to better mental health. The growth in plant ownership among millennials has been exponential in recent years, with nature being a much-needed antidote to life’s endless hustle and bustle.

But that’s not all, the draw of indoor plants as a living form of interior decor also appeals to the aesthetics of the style-savvy, who yearn to bring a touch of Mother Nature back home. Hoping to beautify your living space with indoor plants? Here are five trends to check out.

Areca palm. Credits: Pillow Talk

1. Native plants

While imported house plants are popular as ever, there’s been a resurgence of demand for native species. Think house plants that are indigenous to Asia, such as the pachira aquatica (money tree), said to bring good fortune, or the summery areca palm, prized for its ability to absorb harmful gasses and reduce indoor pollution. For something a little more fancy, there’s the hoya carnosa (wax plant) with its pretty floral-shaped leaves.

Monilaria obconica.

2. Uniquely shaped succulents

Photo-worthy yet low-maintenance, succulents pack a punch thanks to its rich textures, showy colours and bright blooms. Recently, certain unusual varieties have become wildly popular, such as the senecio peregrinus, whose leaves resemble tiny jumping dolphins or the monilaria obconica, which look like it’s got tiny bunny ears. Meanwhile, the social media community’s love for anything millenial pink remains strong for peachy-pink succulents such as the echeveria laui, which is native to Mexico.

Musa x paradisiaca ae ae. Credits: Pinterest

3. Rare houseplants

Houseplants are often considered “rare” for one or more of these reasons: It’s high in demand and low in supply thanks to its popularity, it’s variegated, it’s challenging to propagate, and so forth. We’re talking about the uptick in demand for elusive plants such as monstera deliciosa var albo variegata, the philodendron silver, and the musa x paradisiaca ae ae (royal variegated banana)—with its “pixellated” leaves. One can either expect to pay a fortune for these or bug their fellow plant lovers to give them a cutting.

Credits: Tumbleweed Plants

4. Statement-making pots

Beautiful plants aren’t quite complete without an equally stunning pot, planter, or hanger that shows off its foliage at just the right angles. Plant parents serious about the aesthetics of their precious green babies ought to seek out the likes of Architonic, a home furnishing site that lists a huge collection of dramatic, designer pots and Singapore-based Tumbleweed Plants boutique, which brings in stylish planters and macrame hangers from the region. For something a tad more affordable, there’s always Ikea and Crate and Barrel.

Credits: Urban Jungle Blog

5. Houseplant communities

Haven’t you heard? Going plant hunting together is a great way for new friends to bond. With the houseplant community growing both offline and on social media, plant enthusiasts have found it a breeze to connect with others sharing that same passion. Those looking to get in on the conversation can join local community plant swaps, workshops held by their favourite garden centers, and even plant shopping trips organised by plant “influencers” who’re happy to share their knowledge. As a start, follow accounts like Urban Jungle Blog and Seed to Stem for inspiration.

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