Emojis are truly a sign of the times, from pop culturally relevant ones like the outreached selfie hand to racially-diverse ones like new skintone variations of human reactions. In light of World Emoji Day on 17 July, Apple and Google has teased emojis coming to both IOS and Android phones—and they look set to add a lot more fun to your daily texting habits.

Among the 117 new emojis coming to your smartphones by the end of 2020 are new critters like the beaver, bison, and polar bear, as well as pinched fingers a la Salt Bae.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still on the horizon, the emoji-makers also saw fit to create an anatomical heart and lung, lest you need something a little more scientifically accurate to describe your health condition. The former is not to be mistaken for the heart-shaped emoji typically used to express affection.

Credits: Emojipedia

Asians all around the world will rejoice at the new bubble tea emoji, that will finally launch with Google’s Android 11 and Apple’s iOS 14. We’re happy to report that the emoji resembles the popular brown sugar milk tea, right down to the tapioca pearls and the milky brown hue,

There will also be a new symbol emoji to represent those in the transgender community, a welcome move that shows a societal shift towards inclusivity. Talking about inclusivity, there’s even an emoji of a man in a wedding veil and a woman in a tuxedo. What better way to defy gender norms?

More information here.

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