Each week, we bring you the best beauty launches in Asia and tell you if it’s worth the hype. 

From age-defying skincare to makeup that does wonders for your complexion, these new products are worth adding to your cart. There’s a multi-tasking mask that promises to de-clog your pores, a micellar shower gel, a superfine mist for all-day hydration, and more.

Credits: ÉST.LAB

To help purge impurities: ÉST.LAB PURCLEAR Detoxifying Mask

If you don’t fancy 10-step skincare routines, you’ll appreciate a multi-tasker like this all-in-one detoxifying mask. ÉST.LAB’s latest mask not only deep cleanses, but also exfoliates and protects skin from toxins and pollutants. Designed to help those struggling with clogged pores, the mask is formulated with mineral-rich French green clay, tea tree oil, as well as new salicylic acid (BHA) and mandelic acid (AHA) to aid decongestation and lighten acne scars. Simply apply a thin layer, wash it off after 20 minutes, and watch your skin become clearer over time.

More information here.

Credits: Dove

For smooth and radiant skin: Dove Soothing Micellar Shower Gel

Micellar water, a substance made with purified water, moisturisers like glycerin, and mild surfactants, is well-loved for its ability to remove makeup and cleanse skin gently. Now, it’s making an appearance in bodycare products like Dove’s new shower gel too. Infused with the scent of lotus flowers, the micellar shower gel features an ultra-gentle formula to whisk away dirt, while helping to defend skin against environmental stressors. Suitable even for those with sensitive skin, the product will leave your skin soft and radiant.

More information here.

Credits: Caudalie

For fuss-free, daily hydration: Caudalie Grape Water

Eyeing some respite from the sweltering weather these days? Be sure to keep Caudalie’s new Grape Water mist close by for a refreshing spritz every now and then. Made from 100 percent organic grape water that’s been extracted directly from the fruit, the fine mist increases hydration and reduces skin sensitivity upon application. Versatile as both a toner and a setting spray, the mist helps to soothe rosacea and reduce redness.

More information here.

Credits: Benefit Cosmetics

For soft and kissable lips: Benefit Cosmetics California Kissin Colorbalm Lip Balm

Your lips may have been hiding below a mask for most of the day, but that’s no excuse for not showing it more love. Infused with wild mango butter and hyaluronic acid, Benefit Cosmetic’s new lip balm comes in a smooth and cushiony formula that glides on seamlessly. Aside from leaving your lips feeling smooth and hydrated for up to eight hours, it also adds a hint of colour—from the beautiful nude shade “Make Love” to the vibrant cherry hue in “Wild Child.”

More information here.

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