Not all fruits are made equally—especially when they’re highly premium picks of the season and painstakingly sourced from all around the region.

We’re talking about juicy honey pineapple from Thailand, luscious Chaunsa mangoes from Pakistan, saccharine sweet Delaware grapes from South Korea, and exorbitantly-priced crown musk melons from Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture. And let’s not forget, AAA-grade musang king (mao shan wang) durians that can fetch up to $170 a pop.

Unlike the rows of common, colourful fruits you see at the supermarkets, premium fruits are in a class of their own. The concept of gifting luxury fruits originated from Japan’s omiyage culture, which is the idea of a thoughtful momento with either intrinsic value or a symbol of a memorable experience. Gifting fruits that were unique to one’s prefecture were a symbol of goodwill and a good way to impress a potential client or guest.

Deep set in Asian culture, the idea of bringing food-related souvenirs from one’s travels is a sign of respect and love for one’s family back home. In Philippines, pasalubong is a tradition that connotes the rejoicing for the safe homecoming of someone who was away for a time.

But why fruits? In recent years, the rise in the number of premium fruit delivery sites seem to suggest a greater appreciation for exotic varieties that taste far more superior than their commonly sold counterparts.

In Japan, the pursuit of perfection has led to farmers cultivating new strains of the best melon seeds for even sweeter and rounder cantaloupes. Whereas in Pakistan, the popularity of its exceptionally sweet and low fiber Chaunsa mangoes has boosted its production and export worldwide.

On these premium fruit sites, you’ll find a wide variety of the region’s tastiest picks for the season. If you’re looking to treat yourself and reap the nutritional benefits of eating more fruits, here’s where to shop.


Boasting an auspicious name and an equally enticing site to boot, 888Seasons offers fresh fruits from around the region. A quick glance left us spoilt for choice—there was every premium fruit possible, from Yamanashi plums to the sweet and fiberless “ice cream” mango (jill pasanth) from India. Gift sets for Father’s Day and special themed bundles are also available.

More information here.


Affiliated with Red Fruit Trading, a Singapore-based family-owned business that’s been around since 2001, MomoBud owns both a physical shop and an online store. The site offers a wide variety of fruits from around the world, with a good selection of luxurious gift boxes from Japan, such as the takumi no budou shine muscat grapes and the ryuumon wase white peach. You’ll also find useful articles on fruit facts and washing tips.

More information here.


For the best selection of seasonal Japanese fruits such as Shizuoka crown musk melon, Kyoho grapes, and white strawberries, Kyoho-Ya is your best bet. First launched in Takashimaya B2 Food Hall as Singapore’s Japan Premium Seasonal Fruits Gift Boutique, the gift shop has since expanded to offer exclusive prefecture specialties on its online platform, which now offers home delivery. Fruits aside, you’ll also find sparkling wine made from Nijjiseiki pears, as well as ume shu (plum wine).

More information here.

Freshly Picked

Corporate orders, home deliveries, or premium fruit hampers—they’ve got it all. Like its name suggests, this site specialises in freshly picked and airflown fruits such as sugar apricots from Turkey, waxberries and lychees from China, as well as Miyazaki mangoes from Japan. The wide selection also includes vegetables like lily root and carrots from Japan.

More information here.

SGDurian and 99 Old Trees

Considered the king of fruits among many Southeast Asian countries, especially Malaysia and Singapore, the durian is infamous for both its pungent scent, as well as complex yet flavourful tasting flesh. If you’re planning to surprise your family or a fellow durian lover with a special delivery, consider SGDurian or 99 Old Trees. Treat yourself to the prized and bittersweet musang king, or explore other popular varieties like creamy D13 red prawn and the luscious golden phoenix.

More information here and here.

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