Living in the era of the COVID-19 means that face masks are no longer a fashion statement but a necessity. With the ongoing pandemic looking set to be a long-drawn battle, you can expect to be donning masks for awhile—whether you’re making grocery shopping trips or boarding a plane.

As coronavirus is spread mainly via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person talks, coughs, or sneezes, your best bet against it is to always have a mask on.

But don’t let that cramp your style. We’ve rounded up 15 impeccably stylish face masks that won’t look out of place at work or home. There’s utilitarian chic ones in chambray, pretty floral printed ones for those dreaming of a summer vacay, and a set by artist Ai Wei Wei for the collectors.

1. Toile face mask, Jeune Otte, US$25

2. Chambray masks (pack of three), Coop Home Goods, US$30

3. Boxer face mask, CYC, S$20

4. Face mask, OliveAnkara, S$19

5. Poplin mask set (black navy), Staud, US$30

6. The sustainable mask (pack of five), Christy Dawn, $30

7. OV face masks (pack of five), Outdoor Voices, US$25

8. Toile face mask (pack of three), Homesite, S$65

9. Reusable two-piece plaid face mask set, Pomelo, S$15.20

10. Staceface protective face mask, Alice + Olivia, US$10

11. Fashion PPE masks (pack of five), Sanctuary, US$28

12. Pearl boba tea face mask, Smoko, US$14

13. Fabric mask set (Canyon), BAGGU, US$32

14. Jana silk face mask, The Vampine’s Wife, £35

15. Ai Weiwei mask collection (set of 20), Ebay, US$1,500

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