Beautiful skin takes consistent effort over time but who’s to say you can’t settle for a quick glow-up if that’s all your busy schedule permits? That’s why I love fuss-free facials that can be easily squeezed into my lunch break, like Kew Organics’ Sugar K treatments.

First introduced in 2017, the first-of-its-kind organic peel bar offers 20-minute treatments using glycolic acid derived from sugar cane to exfoliate the skin. Not only does it help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the peel’s organic citrus fruit acids also penetrate through cell walls to encourage formation of collagen.

Cryo Posh Organic Treatment.

For festive-ready skin, I decided to try the Sugar K Cryo Posh Organic Treatment ($138), which was specially recommended for my oily/combination skin. A step-up from the basic Sugar K peel, the 45-minute session started off with a cleanse to rid my skin of daily gunk and makeup. After which, the Sugar K peel was applied on my skin with a petite brush that glided gently across my mien. Aside from a slight tingling sensation, the process was thoroughly comfortable.

After being left on for five minutes, the aesthetician wiped off the peel with cotton pads soaked in a nourishing toner to neutralise the acid. What followed was my favourite part of the treatment, where a cold metal probe—at minus 15-degree celsius, was used on my skin. Long strokes along my cheeks and jawline would firm the skin in the area, while focusing on my T-zone was expected to reduce the size of my pores. The cooling sensation was especially calming for my sensitive skin.

To wrap up the session, my skin was pampered with organic products like the brand’s signature Clear Skin Treatment Essence, which is packed with antioxidants and active ingredients to prevent breakouts. The verdict? My skin looked instantly brighter, with a natural glow. Best of all, the pores around my T-zone were visibly smaller.

Just in time for Kew Organics’ 8th anniversary celebrations, the beauty brand has also launched new LED treatments, which are designed to speed up skin healing. Paired with Sugar K peels, these treatments are catered to all skin types—including blue light for acne-prone skin and amber light to reduce redness. Eyeing a workout for your face? They’ve also got an age-reversing “skin gym” treatment involving micro-massages to promote a naturally lifted look—probably a much more affordable alternative to Botox, if you ask me!

Find out more here.

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