If you’ve been playing Mario Kart throughout quarantine, it’s time to take your obsession to the next level. Universal Studios Japan in Osaka has announced plans to debut its Super Nintendo World on February 4, 2021 after a delayed opening due to the ongoing pandemic. With rides and attractions based on the game maker’s prolific Mario titles, the new addition will see popular in-game characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Princess Peach featured throughout the themed area.

By the looks of official photos and videos, Super Nintendo World looks set to be an immersive playground that offers real-life experiences inspired by the Mario game. To start, guests will enter wearing Power Up Bands that are linked to their smartphones to collect virtual coins, items, and fulfil key challenges from special checkpoints. Park goers can help Peach to recover the golden mushroom taken by Bowser Jr and even embark on a boss battle with the devious trickster himself.

Credits: Super Nintendo World

The highlight is a roller coaster ride called “Koopa’s Challenge”, also the world’s first officially recognised Mario Kart ride. Donning augmented-reality headsets designed like Mario’s red cap, riders will race their way to victory on iconic Mario Kart courses brought to life via projection mapping technology. To make things even more thrilling, they’ll be able to throw power-ups and shells at Koopa Lane as they race alongside Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Other noteworthy attractions include Princess Peach’s Castle and Yoshi’s Adventure. The latter is a half-indoor, half-outdoors family-friendly ride featuring spinning coins, moving mushrooms, and slow-roving carts.

The culmination of more than six years of work between Universal Creative and the Nintendo Creative team, which is led by Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario and representative director of Nintendo, Super Nintendo World was built for around $433 million,

More information here.

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