Each week, we bring you the best beauty launches in Asia and tell you if it’s worth the hype. 

From age-defying skincare to makeup that does wonders for your complexion, these new products are worth adding to your cart. This week, treat yourself to Nudestix’s beauty kit curated by South Korean celebrity makeup artist Pony, cleanse your face with a smart skincare device from Foreo, keep your hands baby smooth with a hand serum, and more.

Credits: Nudestix

For that K-beauty glow: Nudestix Nude Bloom by Pony Park 4-Piece Makeup Set

South Korean celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer Pony has teamed up with Nudestix to launch a limited-edition five-piece collection just in time for the holidays. Featuring Nudestix’s multi-use essentials including lipstick, eye colour, blush, and highlighter in a covetable baby pink pouch, the kit has everything you need to create her signature soft and natural look, complete with a glassy glow. Among these items are the Nudies Glow in Illumi-Naughty, Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour in Praia, and Lip Glace in Nude.

More information here.

Credits: Foreo

For smart and personalised skincare: Foreo LUNA Fofo

If you’re a multitasker when it comes to your skincare regime, the Foreo Luna Fofo is a must-have. As the world’s first 2-in-1 smart facial massage and cleansing solution, the device analyses your skin using Bluetooth technology in order to deliver a treatment that’s unique to you. Users can save their personalised skin data to a mobile app and update it whenever needed. For instance, changes in diet, climate, and water intake can determine what one’s skin might need on a particular day. The smart device then responses with customised intensity and duration of pulses to cleanse the skin for optimal benefits.

More information here.

Credits: Skin Inc

For clean and smooth hands: Skin Inc Refresh & Nourish Hand Serum Duo

Frequent hand washing is par for the course in a pandemic like what we’re going through—but dry and peeling skin? Not so. Skin Inc’s Refresh & Nourish Hand Serum Duo both sanitises and nourishes one’s hands in a simple pump. While the 65 percent alcohol content works to eliminate germs, the addition of tea tree and plant extracts keeps the scent pleasant. Meanwhile, ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3+, and ceramics helps to calm skin and boost hydration for baby smooth hands.

More information here.

Credits: Shu Uemura

For fluttery lashes that last all day: Shu Uemura X One Piece Wanted Gold Eye Lash Curler (Limited Edition)

Fans of One Piece, one of Japan’s most prolific manga and animation series, has collaborated with Shu Uemura to launch an eyelash curler in a bright gold finish. The piece de resistance? An exclusive and adorable, might we add, One Piece skull charm. A PART OF Uemura’s 2020 holiday collection, the curler is designed with a curved angle to fit any eye shape, and lifts one’s lashes for a long-lasting curl.

More information here.

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