We might be grown-ups hustling through our 9-5s, but there’s nothing like a great pop culture-inspired collaboration to transport us right back to our carefree childhood days.

Just in time for the festivities, Smeg has launched a nostalgia-inducing Snoopy fridge, Adidas has unveiled a nine-piece sneaker collection featuring The Mandalorian and The Child (or better known as the internet-breaking Baby Yoda), and Premium Bandai has teased a Sailor Moon compact toy that’s just absolutely adorable.

Credits: Premium Bandai

Premium Bandai X Sailor Moon

You’ll be forgiven for thinking these trinkets are the popular 80s toys from Polly Pocket, which featured tiny plastic dolls in compact-sized homes. Set to launch in March 2021, this adorable collaboration between the Japanese toy maker and the shōjo manga series sees miniature figurines of Sailor Moon and her black guardian cat Luna in her bedroom, set against the neon-lit backdrop of Tokyo.

More information here.

Smeg X Peanuts Snoopy Fridge

No stranger to high-profile collaborations like Disney and Dolce & Gabbana, homeware brand Smeg has announced a new partnership with Peanuts. In celebration of the American comic strip’s 70th anniversary, 70 limited edition Smeg fridges will be available worldwide. Each one features a playful artwork of Snoopy asleep atop his iconic red house, with his dear friend Woodstock flying overhead.

More information here.

Credits: Casetify

Pokémon X Castetify

The third co-release between iPhone accessory label Casetify and the video game series, this new collection will feature Pokémon originally discovered in the fictional Galar region, as seen in the Nintendo game titles Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Possibly the brand’s most colourful collection so far, the line-up includes shock-absorbing cases and reflective mirror cases featuring characters like Yamper, Scorbunny, and Grookey.

More information here.

Credits: Adidas

The Mandalorian X Adidas Originals

In light of the season two debut for Disney+’s The Mandalorian series, Adidas has unveiled a nine-piece sneaker collection. The latest launch in the long-running collaboration between sci-fr series Star Wars and the German sportswear brand will see some of its most popular silhouettes decked in the series’ main characters, including bounty hunter Mandarorian himself and the internet-breaking Baby Yoda, or The Child.

More information here.

Credits: Tokyo Banana

Pikachu X Tokyo Banana

Arguably Japan’s most popular travel souvenir, Tokyo Banana has teamed up with the Pokémon franchise to launch Pikachu-themed snacks. Shaped like a small banana, each cream-filled sponge cake often featured seasonal designs like floral patterns and cow prints. Presented in packaging that resembles a red-and-white Pokéball, the snack will showcase Pikachu’s features and facial expressions, from his blushed cheeks to his pointy ears, and even him winking.

More information here.

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