Home to attractions across five themed areas, a zoo, and a waterpark, Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park. Now, it’s also the birth site of the country’s first giant panda cub, named Fu Bao, which translates to lucky treasure in Mandarin.

Born three months ago, the furry cub was recently presented to reporters and a bunch of lucky children who donned Panda t-shirts and masks. As giant pandas are one of the world’s most endangered species, their new cubs are reason for celebration. According to Everland, the cub weighed 197g and was 16.5cm long at birth but now weighs 5.8kg and measures 58.5cm.

Credits: Everland

In celebration of her birth, the theme park’s Panda World area also offers adorable panda-themed attractions and exhibits for guests to peruse, including a giant panda balloon that floats over the park.

The parents of Fu Bao, whose names translate to “Lovely Treasure and “Happy Treasure”, first arrived in 2016 as part of China’s “Panda Diplomacy”—which sees giant pandas gifted to countries as a symbol of goodwill and as a means of fostering bilateral relations.

Credits: Everland

Fu Bao looks set to make her public debut in the coming weeks, once she is able to walk and eat bamboo. With the cub scheduled to be returned to China in three or four years, travelers ought to seize the chance to visit her at Everland once Asian countries reopen its borders for international travel.

More information here.

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