In these unpredictable times, there’s nothing like the healing powers of nature to remind one of life’s beauty. And it’s this very concept of kachou fuugetsu, a Japanese phrase that literally translates to “flower, bird, wind, moon”, that has inspired the creation of Higashiyama Niseko Village, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. In hopes of letting guests discover themselves while experiencing nature, the new property in Hokkaido, Japan, will feature immersive experiences centred on the area’s idyllic environment.

Inside the Yotei Suite.

Debuting on December 15 this year, the resort takes its cues from the swiftly changing seasons to introduce guests to a variety of activities, such as mountain adventures, journeys into the natural surrounds, restorative wellness therapies, as well as gastronomy featuring local produce.

Expect 2,191 acres of skiable terrain and extensive backcountry skiing.

As an alpine destination, Niseko Village offers year-round exploration of its ski terrains, and outdoor trails, alongside nature park activities at Pure. Led by Higashiyama Reservists, the resort’s team of experts who act as guides for guests, the resort makes a great base to explore the area’s natural wonders. If staying in is preferred, the hotel’s 50 rooms also offer panoramic views of Mount Yotei and its mountains. Meanwhile, luxury amenities include an onset, a spa, and more.

Onsen experiences await.

Similarly, the gastronomy experiences are informed by the changing seasons, with chefs taking pride in seasonal produce by sourcing ingredients from exclusive local farmers and purveyors. Guests can expect to enjoy fine dining, cocktails, and delicious elixirs crafted in a manner that reflects the region’s culinary heritage

More information here.

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