When Taipei’s leading contactless smart card system EasyCard released a Poké Ball metro pass back in 2019, it sold out instantly the day it launched.

Now, the limited-edition smart card has made a comeback thanks to popular demand.

Credits: EasyCard

To celebrate its Easy Wallet payment service, the Taiwan-based company has opened pre-orders for the Poké Ball Easy Card starting from today until October 25, with each one priced at NT$390. These electronic stored-value cards are the main mode of payment on the Taipei Metro, as well as select shops and other public transport services.

Credits: EasyCard

For the uninitiated, this special EasyCard is the result of a collaboration between EasyCard Corporation and Niantic, Inc. the American AR tech company behind the Pokémon GO app. Designed to look like the Poké Balls used by Pokémon Trainers to capture and train the creatures in the game, these 3D EasyCards come with a handy strap and also flashes a green light to indicate a successful transaction—similar to how the ball might reaction when capturing a Pokémon in a battle.

More information here.

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