In the face of slower infections, the Indonesian capital has announced that coronavirus restrictions will be eased across the city. Tougher social restrictions were implemented from mid-September following a spurt in virus infections, which put pressure on the healthcare system.

As of today, Jakarta has allowed non-essential businesses to resume work in offices at half the capacity. Meanwhile, dining in at restaurants have resumed but with limitations to 50 percent of the capacity, along with social distancing of at least a meter between different groups of patrons.

Locals will also be able to visit parks and museums, which now follow strict hygiene protocols and contact tracing measures. For the first time since March, cinemas and theatres have reopened, at 25 percent capacity and with 1.5 meters social distancing. Hair salons and barbers have also returned to operations, with appointments bookable online.

Similarly, indoor sports halls and arenas have to keep to the half-capacity rule, with matches held without spectators. Gyms have also reopened but will remain at 25 percent capacity while operating between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

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