Popular among both the expat community and locals alike, Singapore’s twice-yearly Boutique Fairs has recently launched an online site to satisfy your year-round shopping needs. A move that’s in line with this new era of digitalisation, the e-commerce platform features brands that have been carefully curated by founder Charlotte Cain—from the stylish to the quirky.

Credits: Rehyphen

You’ll find everything from women’s and men’s fashion and accessories to home decor, lifestyle products, food and beverages, and even children’s toys. Local brands take centerstage in the Independent Market section, including Scene Shang, a furniture and art shop with that blend classic Chinoiserie elements with modern-day sensibilities; Sunday Bedding, which offers luxurious linen and bamboo bedding; Rehyphenan up-cycling initiative which reimagines discarded cassette tapes into art and accessories; as well as Talking Textilesan art and design studio characterised by bold colours, layers of stitch, remnants of fabric, silk screened images and printed patterns.

Credits: Stolen

If you’re looking to fill your wardrobe with new threads for the cooler seasons, there’s a number of designer brands including Jac & Jo, Max Tan, r y e, Reckless Ericka, Graye, Heirloom by Josh Leong, Shirt Number White, Stolen, SUSY + BAE and PINKSALT. Don’t forget to shop for the little ones at the likes of MOMIJI and Mokksies—the former does handcrafted and sustainable children’s furniture inspired by age-old traditions, while the latter creates thoughtful baby and children’s shoes that promote healthy foot development.

Credits: Brass Lion Distillery

For some well-deserved pampering during your me-time, make a beeline for OASIS’ green beauty products and Nodspark’s fuss-free nail wraps. As you feed your soul, satiate your appetite with food and drink brands like Batu Lesung Spice Company, which offers culinary pastes featuring Southeast Asia’s familiar flavours, as well as Brass Lion Distillery, a locally brewed gin.

Shoppers can expect an interactive experience on the site, with enriching articles and the option to chat live with designers and brand owners. To make things more meaningful yet, 80 percent of Boutique Fairs’ featured brands are built on a mission of social responsibility. This means online and offline support for local charity partners like Babes, which offer teenage pregnancy advice and Beyond Social Services, a charity dedicated to helping children and youths from less privileged backgrounds.

More information here.

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