It’s prime time for food delivery services, with more of us staying in and working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the flipside, it’s been a couple of gruelling months for F&B owners who struggle to stay afloat amid social distancing and belt tightening.

Enter Oddle, an online ordering platform launched by three Singaporeans Jonathan Lim, Pua Yong Xiang, and Alan Goh. Unlike other food delivery platforms like Deliveroo and FoodPanda, Oddle allows onboarded restaurants to white-label its own delivery page for better branding and promotional purposes.

Credits: Oddle Eats

This feature, coupled with a reasonable commission scheme, has led to many high-end restaurants and hotels joining the platform. These include Burnt Ends, Cheek Bistro, as well as restaurants under the Les Amis Group, Unlisted Collection, and Jumbo Group.

As of now, the platform is utilised by more than 3,000 F&B brands spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Expanding on its existing network of restaurants, Oddle recently launched Oddle Eats, an online food delivery that aims to connect diners directly with restaurants. This move cuts out middleman costs, allowing these restaurants to have the choice of either making their own deliveries or working with logistic partners locally.

At a glance, the directory is user-friendly and intuitive, creating a social experience by allowing one to like and share new restaurant finds with their family and friends.

Catching onto the trend of surprise deliveries, special bundled meals are also available for users to purchase for their loved ones.

Jonathan Lim, co-founder of Oddle, said: “We bring accessible online ordering to both restaurants and diners, so that more consumers can be advocates for the F&B industry, saving Singapore’s restaurants one online order at a time. As restaurateurs ourselves, we stand firmly with the industry.”

As restauranteurs themselves, the co-founders aim to help the F&B industry by offering tools and hands-on advice with pricing strategies, menu optimisation, and operations. While there are no set-up costs for business owners to join the platform, they have to pay a 10 percent commission fee per order to cover the costs of using the payment gateway, as well as customer support.

More information here.

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