You’ve heard of wine and whiskey pairings, but it’s about time bubble tea pairings took the limelight. A wildly popular beverage in Asia, the tea-based drink with bouncy tapioca pearls, was first invented in Taiwan back in the 1980s. Today, it’s available in so many creative renditions, you’d be hard pressed to call it bubble tea at all.

HEYTEA in Singapore has recently launched its Food Lab menu, a collection of freshly baked pastries meant to be enjoyed alongside its signature bubble teas. Here’s what to try:

Taro Boba and golden croissant

Topped with chewy pearls, the rich and milky Taro Boba is an instant classic. Take the textures up a notch by enjoying it with a freshly baked and buttery croissant.

Aqua Green Cheezo and chocolate croissant

Cocoa lovers will fancy the chocolate croissant, which pairs nicely with the Aqua Green Cheezo—refreshing jasmine green tea layered under cheese foam.

Chocolate croissants.

Strawberry Cheezo and double chocolate chip cookie

Like chocolate-covered strawberries, but better. Have a bite of the indulgent double chocolate chip cookie and then knock back the tasty Strawberry Cheezo, a green tea-based drink featuring bits of the sweet and sour fruit.

Double chocolate chip cookies.

Very Grape Cheezo and butterscotch chip muffin

Made with juicy, hand-peeled grapes, this fruity concoction is best enjoyed with a decadent butterscotch chip muffin that’s both light and savoury,

The Food Lab menu is available exclusively at the ION Orchard and Westgate outlets. Orders can also be made via the HEYTEA GO mobile application, Foodpanda or the GrabFood mobile application, for self- collection at selected stores.

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