Dad might be too cool to be dropping hints for Father’s Day, but we’re certain that these seven gift ideas will leave him grinning from ear to ear. Honour paternal bonds and celebrate fatherhood with meaningful gifts that will encourage dad to pick up a fun new passion, hone a current hobby, or simply make his daily life easier.

1. For the gamer: PlayStation 5

Sony’s next-generation game console is set to launch by late 2020 and you can bet your tech-loving dad’s got his eyes on it. Boasting features like a speedy SSD, built-in 4K Blu-ray player, and ray-tracing, the all-digital console comes without a disc drive and will be backwards compatible with PS4 games. To sweeten the deal, why not pre-order him some new games while you’re at it? Think highly-anticipated titles like Godfall, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Horizon Forbidden West.

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2. For the cook: Wagyu beef

If dad’s a whizz in the kitchen, he’s going to appreciate a slab or two of these gourmet Japanese beef. We’re talking Hokkaido wagyu A4 striploin steak with a marbling score of 8 or Kokuou wagyu A4 ribeye, both airflown from the land of the rising sun. Valued due to its scarcity and quality, the latter has a name that translates to “meat emperor” and comes from Japanese black cattle that is grown in Kumamoto Prefecture.

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3. For the well-groomed: Gillette heated razor

The latest gizmo in razor tech comes with a hefty $200 price tag and is said to mimic that luxurious, hot-towel shave feeling one gets at a gentlemen’s barber. But that’s not all—the device also comes with a hefty, easy-grip handle, as well as a heating element that beautifully aligns with a five-blade cartridge for that neat, clean shave. Pair it with a can of soothing shave cream and he’ll have the best shave of his life.

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4. For the coffee lover: Bodum Chambord French press set

For dads who fancy a piping hot cup of coffee to start his day, this Bodum Chambord French press set will be quite the treat. A classic French press, Bodum’s Chambord is produced with the same labour-intensive craftsmanship as it was in the ’50s. Paired with four of the brand’s Bistro coffee mugs, this coffee making kit promises dad a classy way to make his perfect brew.

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5. For the reader: Dyson Lightcycle

Brighten up dad’s workspace with the Dyson Lightcycle, a smart lamp that senses and personalises lighting conditions to offer optimal illumination throughout the day. With features like glare protection and low optimal flicker, the lamp makes a great companion for long hours of reading or studying. In addition, a simple nudge is all it takes to adjust the lamp into position, thanks to its Axis Glide function.

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6. For the keen learner: Masterclass subscription

Bring dad’s passions to life with a subscription to Masterclass, an online platform offering classes by the likes of award-winning chef Wolfgang Puck, renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, and professional tennis player Serena Williams. Let him learn from the best in respective fields via easily digestible and informative videos, with topics that span sports to politics. Who knows, it might just kickstart an exciting new hobby for him!

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7. For the organised: Calvin Klein business bag

Now that circuit breaker’s ended, gift dad something that’d have him heading back to work in style. The roomy Calvin Klein business bag will keep his items organised with a generous number of pockets to store his laptop and other essentials. Perfect for the dad who’s always on-the-go, the sleek, monochrome bag also makes a great travel companion.

More information here.

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